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CARLUEX PRO+ Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter

Introducing the CARLUEX PRO+: the ultimate car upgrade for seamless streaming of your favorite content on your car’s display screen. With its powerful Qualcomm chip, experience lag-free ultra-high-definition video support and a seamlessly smooth user experience. Say goodbye to lag and enjoy the ultimate driving entertainment.

Transform your car’s infotainment screen into a smart entertainment system. Enable expandable usability with Android 13 OS.






CARLUEX PRO+ allows access to any app on Google Play Store and APK Store. Check out some customer favorites below.

Other Benefits

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Powerful Performance

Featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, enjoy the smoothest operation and ultra-high-definition graphics like ever.

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Android 13 OS

Discover Android 13: faster app launches and system response. More stable system and seamless multitasking now.

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Auto Wireless Connection

Supports iPhone or Android device, automatically and wirelessly connect to your CarPlay and Android Auto once you get into your car.

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Easy Setup, Expert Support

Get started in 10 seconds. Plug in and play, no guide needed. Btw our dedicated customer support is always available to assist you.

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Faster & More Stable

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset enables top-tier performance, delivering unmatched smoothness, faster operation, and reduced heat generation.

In addition, Android 13 improves wireless connectivity for a more convenient custom user-interface experience.

CARLUEX PRO PLUS WATCH VIDEO IN THE CAR | Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter Car Box

Enhanced Media Immersion

Better media experience with a faster processor and dual WiFi 6 channels, enjoy high-quality audio like wired CarPlay.

Experience smooth, high-resolution 4K playback. Enhance your in-car entertainment with improved clarity and performance!

CARLUEX PRO PLUS seamless transfer between your cars | Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter Car Box

Transfer Seamlessly Between Cars

Bring CARLUEX with you and seamlessly switch between vehicles equipped with wired CarPlay, instantly accessing your favorite apps and settings.

CARLUEX PRO PLUS expendable storage | Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter Car Box

Expandable Storage

Experience the convenience of storing downloaded content directly on the device with 64GB of internal storage, expandable up to an additional 128GB with a MicroSD card.