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Root Quencher

Why Root Quencher

Root Quencher products are the most effective and efficient deep root watering devices on the market, delivering hydration, nutrients, and oxygen to plant roots and minimizing waste.


The Capillary Action of Water in Soil

Water Distributed by Root Quencher

Increase Your Plants’ Yield

Root zone hydration and nourishment lead to bigger harvests and more flavorful crops!

Save Money On Your Water Bill

Delivering water underground eliminates evaporation and run-off and makes plants more drought resistant.

Revive Suffering Plants

Adding water and nutrients directly at the roots aids in overall vitality and reinvigorates unhealthy plants.

Easy Installation

Effortlessly install any Root Quencher device in just minutes.

Before & After

Witness the transformative impact of using Root Quencher.



This product has not only helped me save water, it’s made my trees and shrubs happy!

It’s super high quality, easy to install and I’m planning on getting more. We were seeing our yard suffer with the water restrictions so turned to this to save our landscaping. So happy I found something that is affordable, easy to use and gets the job done well.


Wow! This product totally transformed my yard.

We’ve always used a drip system but frequently ran into problems, particularly when the dog started chewing on the little nozzles that come up from the ground. With the Root Quencher we no longer have to worry about that! Try it! You will love this product!

Arizona Gardener 1976

I noticed new growth and now the trees are coming back with vigor

I had 4 trees that appeared to be dying, in fact, am amborist recommended I cut them down. Just weeks after installing the root quenchers, I noticed new growth and now the tress are coming back with vigor. The price of 4 root quenchers was less than cutting down and replacing and is saving on my water bill.

Matt 1985


About Our Products

Root Quencher® products are underground watering devices that allow you to deliver water and nutrients to trees, shrubs, and plants where it’s needed most: the roots.