How to Submit Ads

Please note that prices are too low ( 3.65/ year/Ad.) for Grand opening celebration. They will go up later.

Banner Ads

-Prepare your Ad. image as per sizes shown on page ( 160×600 Pixel for vertical, and 300×300 Pixels for square) Buy a slot on the appropriate page that best describe your business, upload image to our site and do not forget to specify the url you want it to redirects to.

-Ads are rotating randomised to achieve fairness between advertisers, every time the page is visited or refreshed, ads will change position.

-If you encounter any problem, please contact support.

Text Ads

-Define as many ad zones as you want to use, and access each one from the “zones” sub-menu.

-Underneath the zones sub-menu, you’ll see a highlighted section where the output code is shown.

-Just copy and paste the code wherever you want the ad zone to display

Inline Ads

-You can define both inline ads to display at the top of a post, and intext links that will turn a keyword in a post into a link automatically.

-Any time you or another user/Admin writes a post that contains that kewword it will be automatically hyperlinked to the url you specified.

Write Posts

The easiest way to write a post is to use your product’s video, discription, keywords or any source to have this software turn it into a blog post.. Click here to ckeck it out

-From this page you can write and publish posts about your business, business events, business marketting campains, etc


– You will be assigned certain numbers of posts per day, week, or month depending on the package purchased.

-Your post will be instantly submitted to Google to start crawling .

Paid Reviews

-Write reveiws to your business or products and submit to Admin to approve.